Bridging the Gap Between 
Writer & Publisher 

I am a writer but I’m also an editor. I love helping authors write the best that they can. If you are serious about your writing career and you feel you are ready to launch out into the publishing world with your work, let’s look it over first so you can cross the bridge over to the publishing world with a manuscript you can be proud of.

I am working on getting a website together for my editing business. Until then, you may contact me at the email address below.
First 5 pages are free for you to see how I work and if we will be a good fit for each other.

Pages must be formatted according to industry standard (Arial or Times New Roman 12pt font double spaced, with pages numbered). Please email Let me know which service you are most interested in and a little bit about your project.

NOTE: Please email me for a price estimate.

Overall Critique. Review the complete manuscript and offer input on its overall strengths and weaknesses, organization of the material, and the general tone of the writing.

Proofread. Correct typographical errors, formatting inconsistencies, misspelled words, and punctuation mistakes according to the US publishing industry’s standard references. (Included in minimal rewriting price.)

Copyedit. Identify ways to increase smoothness, eliminate ambiguity, and tighten the writing. Look for words and phrases that may be confusing or offensive to certain readers. Check for grammar, usage, and consistency. Point out clichés, jargon, repetitive words or phrases, and run-on sentences or paragraphs. Indicate where the writing sounds stilted or unrealistic.

Substantive/Structural Edit. Clarify or reorganize the manuscript for content, development of ideas, flow, and structure. Check for consistency, pace, and ease of readability. Advise the author of the appropriate guidelines for use and permission of quoted material.

Minimal Rewriting. In addition to the copyedit, create a limited amount of new material to be included as part of the manuscript on the basis of content and research supplied by the Client.

Mentoring/Coaching. $30/hr. This will be to mentor you in writing and make suggestions on how to help your work become a better manuscript.

Blog Posts. $10/hr. 

Poetry. $15/hr.

SPECIAL NOTE: If none of these options seem to fit the project, another specialized option may be agreed upon between Client and Editor and an addendum to the contract will be added.

Marcie Bridges is a graduate of Lenoir-Rhyne University with a B.A. in English. She is also a member of The Christian Pen and has worked with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. For editing or writing inquiries Marcie can be reached at

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