Thursday, May 16, 2013



Where are You God
in the midst of this?
When my soul thirsts
my fists are clenched,
my faith is weak,
and I feel so alone
Where are You God?
Where did You go?

I’ve searched the skies
the wind, the rain,
searched valley’s deep
and mountain peaks
looked everywhere
but cannot see
Where are You God
in my time of need?

And then I heard a
still, small voice
like water dripping
on parched earth.
I heard it loud and clear
But soft it falls onto my ears.
“I’m here,” He said.
“I’ve never left,
You’re in My hands where you’ve always been.”

I felt the peace
only He can give
No longer lonely
Only His.

My troubles did not cease from there
and yet I found from one small prayer
Strength and healing
Only He can give
No longer struggling
Only His.

- - Marcell Warner Bridges
© 2007, 2013 Marcie Bridges


  1. Wow! Love this Marcie. Your poetry is wonderful.


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